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Rise, Rock and Restore your love life with Formula R3!
Formula R3 is an all-natural, extract rich solution that enhances sexual experience physically and mentally. The first of its kind, this potent formula was designed with a combination of exotic herbal extracts. Formula R3 naturally increases blood flow, enhances stamina, sexual desire and supports the prostate. This pill is the ultimate male sexual enhancement supplement. Guaranteed safe, natural and effective!
- Gives longer and harder erections
- Faster recovery time
- Protects the Prostate
- Boost sexual mood
- Helps with mental focus
- Increases blood flow to genital area
- Helps with premature ejaculation
- Increases volume of ejaculation
- All-natural
- No prescription needed
- No side effects
- Increase in size and thickness
Formula R3: Rise, Rock and Restore your love life. She'll love you in the morning.

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